Our kennel "Psovaja Ohota" was registered in 2009 in international organization UKU (Ukrainian Kennel Union) - FCI (Belgium), kennel's activities focused on Russian Borzoi.
Our borzois are primarily beloved family members. They get the best care and feeding, we always treat them with love, understanding and respect.For their part, they give us the joy of life every day. Living with the Borzoi or Borzois (it is not one of the many species that live happily together for a few dogs as this gregarious species), it is a privilege to have near you a graceful animal which is perfect! Borzoi is not accustomed to the commands as the other dogs, she performs them only out of respect for the man with the full trust and mutual understanding.

Borzois from our kennel:
- Successfully attend the exhibition;
- Participate in Lure coursing and racing;
- They hunt, both individually and in various trials on a free beast;;
- Often happen on walks in the woods, the fields at any time of the year and the weather, which is beneficial to their health;
- Get the best food;
- Served in a veterinary clinic;
- Have their own personal sofa at home.

Before the advent of this breed, in our house had a lot of loved ones and not repeatable dogs... I love and keep dogs, can be said, from early childhood. First it was simple and nonpedigree mongrels, which were needed of care and love, and later, when I was 15 years old, I earned my first in the life a little money (all summer on school holidays worked on the collective farms, orchards and fields). Finally, my dream came true and I brought at home little ball of fluffy puppy collie, who grew up in a wonderful family member. Then it was the Airedale Terrier with this dog we were composed and participated in various activities of the club DOSSAF, and for our achievements received diplomas and awards. My Airedale "Elka" gave birth and raised for us 7 beautiful puppies, which continued her glorious way in their families, and some time later from the Moscow's regional exhibition, I came home with a wonderful brindle bull terrier puppy :) Later, there was another snow-white handsome puppy and one bull terrier, who has lived 12 years of a happy life ...
One day at the international exhibition, I saw beautiful creation a flying over the flooring beautiful trotted passes into a gallop, terrestris movement imperceptible touched the ground fascinating and breathtaking! The dog really reminded me of his charisma, character, movements and excellent horse with whom I spent a lot of time in my youth engaged horse riding and knowing by heart all the habits of the horse. I saw it all in borzoi: proud high hocks of the neck, powerful muscles, even the veins in the skull, character and grace of movement, and that's all the same, only it is a dog! This animal even in simple walking does not go - flying barely perceptible light touches, his graceful legs to the surface. At the same time the dog runs - goes from purposeful look of a perfect being, coming closer to her and stroked her, I saw the kindest soul miracle that his penetrating intelligent look looks at you from the height and gives the opportunity to enjoy communion with him - a criation of nature and it was Russian Borzoi!!!

After returning home thoughts about the beautiful borzoi didn't leave me. In my mind scrolled like in the old movie vintage pattern with luxurious borzois rested on the furs, royal sofas, it is no wonder that for them were given all the best. The antiquarian sculptures and, of course, my unforgettable meeting with borzoi was confirmed about her all that I saw, heard and felt it with my hands and soul. All of this was the fact that in 2007, to my house came 4-month old Liubim Zavetnaya Mechta - Russian Borzoi puppy!!! Which is like a fairy tale about the geese are swans, with the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, puppy with short hair, long legs and thick like a ball, to the year cast off all his puppy coat and became almost completely bald, he began to grow into a flowing silk curls, dried up and turned into a real graceful borzoi. Later, I got 2, 3 ... 7 borzoi :) Plunged into the world of borzois I understood and knew a lot for myself existing and belonging only to this breed the rules, terms. Life with borzois - is a culture, almost lost... Has its own aesthetics, its own terminology. The many facets of leisure activities with borzoi will fill any family to the fullest extent, it will be just love in the house and walks in the city or is it compulsory weekly walks in the woods, ponds, if desired, visit exhibitions, participation in the hunt and trails (in those countries where it is permitted), in hiding and the coursing of different scale. The most charming in borzoi - seeming contrasts. Phlegmatic in the house and in the crazy energy, independence and affection, self-will and tender partnership, love of freedom and voluntary return.

Borzoi is tender and trustful in her friendship to the human. She demands her place in human family, in which she wants to become a full member. Borzoi is focused on the establishment of the internal relations with her people. She appreciates the proximity to human beings and with great pleasure enjoying his attention and manifestations of his mood.

In 2011, the community of like-minded lovers of borzois in Ukraine for popularize and preservation the breed Russian Borzoi was created Ukrainian Club of Russian Borzoi UKU-FCI. I am Vice-President and founder of this club - Marina Shiman. The annual championships and activities conducted by the Club, collect the largest number of representatives of this breed in Ukraine together. We invite foreign world-renowned experts - specializing on Russian Borzoi, their expertise is very detailed and important, also going connoisseurs and lovers of this beautiful breed from different countries to share experiences. Because in many countries also a lot clubs of Russian Borzoi. On the website and the forum of the ukrainian club you can find more info about our activities, ukrainian borzois and chat with fans borzois (address in reference).